Angel, the Diva and I
Angel, the Diva and I

(35mm. 93 min. color) - 2000
Directed by Pablo Nisenson
Screenplay by Pablo Nisenson y José Pablo Feinman

SíntesisIn Buenos Aires, at the end of the milenium, Julián, a young documentary director, hopeless about the future, dicides to film his last act. At this precise moment, a misterious package gets to his hand and changes the course of his life.
The package contains and old film with black and white images, an envelope with money and an anonymous order to rescue from oblivion the greatest Argentine Film director of all times.
Julián, along with his documentary group, start out a passionate struggle, taking a fascinating journey between the past and the present, the memory and the oblivion.
A dramatic comedy, strong and sensitive, which allows us to rediscover our own identity.
Ficha Artística
Angel Ferreyros Pepe Soriano
La diva Esther Goris
Julián Armendáriz Boy Olmi
Ana Florencia Peña
Miguel Ricardo Sendra
Santa Patricia Hart
Hotel Owner Gogó Andreu
Antique Shop Owner Tincho Zabala
Pereyra Marcos Zucker
Capitan José María Gutierrez
Merayo Max Berliner
Funes Alberto Busaid
Ferreyros’s Actor Juan Carlos Gené
Lunatic Augusto Larreta
Police Officer Miguel Padilla
Poet Horacio Ferrer
Clown Miguel Fontes
Neighbor Celina Fux
Witnesses Osvaldo Bayer
José Pablo Feinamann
Salvador Samaritano
Diana Ingro
Ficha Técnica
Director            Pablo Nisenson
Screenwriters Pablo Nisenson y
José Pablo Feinmann
Executive Producer Gastón Ocampo
Producer Ricardo Belén
Assistant Director Roberto Salomone
Director of Photography Eduardo Pinto
Camera Operator Rodrigo Pulpeiro
Set Decorator Miguel Angel Lumaldo
Film Editor Sergio Zottola
Music Composer Alberto Quercia Lagos
Sound Supervisor Jorge Stavropulos
Cast Liaison Patricia Hart
Ms. Goris’ Dresser Beatriz Abraham
Makeup artists Oscar Mulet, Mariela Andujar

Angel, the Diva and I
El Intriguing Case  of José Blum
El Intriguing Case of José Blum
(TV Feature film, color) - 1996
Written and directed by Pablo Nisenson
With the support of Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales
SíntesisJosé Blum (Hugo Arana) is a Jewish young man who supports his old disabled mother (Cipe Lincovsky) and runs the family business - which he strives to keep afloat. Oppressed by debts and with no moral sense, he makes a sacrifice. It is then that Eva (Alejandra Martínez) - an intriguingly beautiful young lady - steps into his life and everything seems to shape up. He decides to put her up in his house as he is convinced The Messiah has arrived. She brings about radical changes in his life and beliefs, after which he will never be himself again.
Ficha Artística
José Blum Hugo Arana
Roise Cipe Lincovsky
Eva Alejandra Martinez
Dr. Taussmann Gianni Lunadei
Dr. Hamán Arturo Maly
Rab Ricardo Sendra
Representative Daniel Gallardo
Secretary Yael Ken
Prostitute 1 Mónica Lleo
Prostitute 2 Patricia Hart
Delivery boy Fernando Lopez
Police Officer Pía Uribelarrea
Police Inspector Rubén Vladiminsky
Pharmacist Hugo de Bruna
Female Nurse Sol Escapa
Male Nurse Marcos Marín
Crying Lady Celina Fux
Ficha Técnica
Screenwriter and Director Pablo Nisenson
Executive Producer  Mario Levit
Producer Ricardo Belén
Production Manager Damián Szifrón
Production Assistant Mariano Llinás
Key First Assistant Director Sonia Karpiuk
First Assistant Director Paula Morvillo
Second Assistant Director Matilde Ambrosio
Camera Operator / Still Photographer Marcelo Iaccarino
Camera Operator Assistant Dionisio González
Film Editor Marcel Cluzet
Sound Supervisor Dante Amoroso
Set Decorator and Wardrobe Supervisor Nora Spivack
Set / Wardrobe Assistant Guillermo Caputti
Makeup Artist Roxana Caime
Making off & Pictures Javier De Silvio

El Intriguing Case  of José Blum
Patriotic Spirits
Patriotic Spirits
(35mm. color film, 92 min.) - 1990
Written and directed by : Pablo Nisenson 
y María Victoria Menis
SíntesisIn the dark old archives of the National Library operates “The Patriotic Spirits club”. Its sinister members are ghosts from the Argentine past, who, since the club was founded in 1493, have been plotting to rule the country. Today, with Dante Gigliotti (Héctor Malamud) commanding their military arm, they are ready to stage a new coup d’état. However, Ana Mil (Alicia Zanca) and Carlos Tapia (Mauricio Dayub) - two audacious journalists of a small-sized newspaper - will run into these spirits in the course of an investigation and fight to ruin their anti-democratic schemes.
Ficha Artística
Ana Mil Alicia Zanca
Dante Gigliotti Héctor Malamud
Carlos Tapia Mauricio Dayub
Jorge D´Elia
Alfredo Iglesias
Pacheco Fernandez
Diana Ingro
Ricardo Belen
Hernán Vargas
Pacheco Fernandez
Guillermo Marín
Derli Prada
Reporters Ana María Casó
Juan Manuel Barrau
waiter Ricardo Fasán
Grenadier Yito Audivert
Minister Marcos Woinski
Ficha Técnica
Screenwriters and Directors Pablo Nisenson
María Victoria Menis
Executive Producer Mario Levit
Production Controller Héctor Menis
Production Assistant Patricio Farell
Assistant Director Alicia Girbal
Director of Photography Salvador Melita
Set Decorator Alfredo Iglesias
Wardrobe Supervisor María A. Iglesias
Sound Supervisor Salvador Viales
Music Composers Leo Sujatovich
Daniel Garcia
Film Editor Norberto Rapado
Soundtrack Singer Julia Zenko